Dancers who were selected as a Streetz Elite Scholarship Winner, Streetz Elite Runner Up, Streetz Stand Out, Streetz Studio, or Streetz Class Scholarship Winner in a regional city are invited to compete for the title of National Dancer of the Year. Dancers of the Year are chosen based on their performance in the convention, solo in the Dancer of the Year Solo Competition, and interview.


Dancer of the Year Contestants must pay entrance fee of $200 which includes Dancer of the Year Solo, Performance in Gala, Rehearsals, and General Admission Gala Ticket.


Dancer of the Year is a big honor and Streetz has the highest expectations of our Dancers of the Year. NEW to Streetz this year, Dancer of the Year winners will receive a lifetime scholarship to Streetz!


  • Contestants must perform 1 Solo for Dancer of the Year competition. 

  • Dancer of the Year Winners must commit to assisting at least 3 Regional Events the following season. 

  • Dancer of the Year Winners must attend the following years National Finals and is not eligible to compete two years in a row.


  • Dancer of the Year contestants can compete 2 solos, 1 for Dancer of the Year Competition and 1 for National Finals Competition. You can also compete the same solo in Dancer of the Year Competition as in the National Finals Competition.

  • Dancer of the Year solos are not considered for Overall Awards but are strictly viewed for the consideration of Dancer of the Year.

  • Dancer of the Year solos do not have to be pre-qualified at a regional event.

  • When registering for Dancer of the Year solos, register it as you do any regular competition solo. Once that information has been inputted, you will be directed to select ‘Solo’ or ‘Dancer of the Year Solo’. Select ‘Dancer of the Year Solo’ and continue on with your registration.


Contestants are considered for Dancer of the Year based on the following things: Dancer of the Year solo, how well you do throughout the convention, and interview. 

As Nationals week goes on, there will be cuts throughout the week. Streetz will first announce a Top 20, then a Top 10, then a Top 5 Dancer of the Year finalists in each age group and finally the winners will be announced on stage at the Gala. 

Only the contestants that make it to Top 5 will go through an interview process. 

No matter if contestants get cut throughout the week or not, ALL Dancer of the Year contestants will get to perform on stage at the Gala.