Updated 8/30/2021


  • Masks are required for everyone for the remainder of the entire season and until further notice. The only exception of this is when dancers are about to perform on stage. Even as state restrictions are being lifted, masks will still be required to be worn correctly by everyone. Streetz is considered a private event and can refuse service to those that may not comply with these rules. Further, a studio may lose points on their routines or even be disqualified from the competition if those affiliated with that studio are not wearing a mask or following other safety rules.

  • If you are feeling sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms we ask that you stay home and tune into the livestream to support your dancer(s). 

  • You should expect there to be frequent audience rotation. You may only arrive to the designated competition entrance door at the back of the ballroom 2 routines ahead of the one you wish to watch. You will then be allowed into the ballroom and considered to be on deck 1 routine before the routine you wish to watch goes on stage. Once that routine is completed, you will be allowed to walk to the front of the ballroom where we will have designated seating for you to watch the routine from your studio. As soon as that routine is over, audience members will exit through designated competition exit doors at the front of the ballroom. Then the next group will take their place and the cycle will continue throughout the remainder of competition. The livestream will be a great tool to be able to tell which routine is currently onstage so that guests may better gauge when it is their time to enter the ballroom. 

  • Please do not gather at the competition entrance door unless you are 2 routines away from watching your dancers.

  • There will only be 2 guests per dancer allowed to observe the solo and group competitions.  That does not include studio owners or teachers. For example, if there are 10 dancers on stage, there may be 20 guests in the audience and so forth.

  • The entire competition, including awards, will be livestreamed. We ask any extra guests watch via livestream to limit contact and exposure in the ballroom.

  • There will be periodic sanitization breaks throughout the competition. During this time, everyone will be asked to leave the ballroom but may return once the ballroom and stage has been fully sanitized. This break will typically be 5-10 minutes.

  • The first rows of seats are reserved for studio owners and teachers ONLY. They will be clearly labeled and we ask that you leave those seats open for them. 

  • Photo and video is prohibited. Shutter Storm takes wonderful photos and videos of your dancer that you may purchase throughout the weekend. This rule is strictly enforced.