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Streetz Dance Convention and Competition Fairness Pledge is a company wide effort by all Streetz staff, faculty, crew, and assistants to implement equality and fairness in all aspects of every Streetz events including convention classes, judging competition, judging auditions, customer relations, etc.


This season, Streetz will be one of the first dance conventions to be working with Impact Dance Adjudicators and will have a pre-screened IDA Judge on the judging panel at ALL 2023 events. Impact Dance Adjudicators is the first and only service in the industry to offer pre-screened, background checked, experienced, and most importantly, unbiased judges to dance events nationwide. IDA Judges are in-demand, professional adjudicators who are known to supply quality, detailed critiques. LEARN MORE about Impact Dance Adjudicators.

If a faculty member that is judging competition has choreographed a dance that is competing during their time on the judges panel, that faculty members score will not count and the average of the other judges scores will be taken for that routine. 

At Streetz National Finals, during the extensive Company and Dancer of the Year Auditions, if any faculty member teaches any dancer(s) auditioning or has a familial relation to them, they may not judge, score, vote, or have any input considered for that dancer. 

Fairness and Equality are Streetz top priorities for the past, present, and future. 


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