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Age Division


Late Fee




SENIOR (16+)

TEEN (13-15)

JUNIOR (11-12)

MINI (8-10)



















*Additional Studio Fees May Apply

Are you planning on bringing 30 or more dancers to a Streetz event during the regional season or have you registered a minimum of 15 or more dancers for 3 consecutive years? You qualify for our new Streetz Loyalty Rewards! Contact our office,, to redeem!


  • Register for Nationals by June 7th, 2024 in order to get the discounted rate. Any studios registered after that date, will be charged the late fee to attend Nationals.

  • When registering your free studio owners or teachers, please be sure to input their information in the registration system and move them to the active box with your dancers and the system will automatically take them off. Teachers must be on staff confirmed by your website.

  • All ages for convention and competition are as of January 1st of the convention year. Each dancer will be issued a wristband that reflects their assigned ballroom for class and gives them access to that room only.  Teachers are more than welcome to move dancers to a different level for convention.  This can be done by emailing about the changes.

  • When registering for Dancer of the Year solos, register it as you do any regular competition solo. Once that information has been inputted, you will be directed to select ‘Solo’ or ‘Dancer of the Year Solo’. Select ‘Dancer of the Year Solo’ and continue on with your registration.

  • If your dancer won any of the following scholarships during the 23’-24’ Streetz Tour, it can be applied to use during Nationals: StreetzX Half Nationals Scholarship, StreetzX Full Nationals Scholarship, Class Scholarship, Streetz Elite Finalist, Streetz Elite Winner, and Inspire.

  • For any other registration questions you may have, refer to the information listed under the ‘Convention Info & Pricing’ tab and scroll until you see ‘Registration’. There you will find more detailed information about registering for events.

  • If you need any help registering for Nationals, please email us at


During the last day of classes, there will be a Scholarship Ceremony where dancers may be awarded scholarships for their hard work throughout the week. Scholarships do not stack. The scholarships available and their explanations are as follows:


This class scholarship is given to dancers chosen by Streetz faculty and staff for standing out in the convention classes. The scholarship awards the dancer with 25% off to a regional city during next year’s tour.


Each faculty member will hand pick dancers of any age level to win this Faculty Scholarship. This scholarship allows the dancer to attend TWO regional cities to the following year’s tour for free.


At Streetz, our main priority is to INSPIRE and BE INSPIRED. Streetz Faculty will award one dancer per age group to be the recipient of our Inspire Scholarship. There will be a Mini Inspire, Junior Inspire, Teen Inspire, and Senior Inspire winners. This scholarship is meant for students that not only excels in all aspects of dance, but also uplifts other dancers around them while encompassing all of Streetz values.  Recipients of this award will receive a year long scholarship to the following year’s tour.



One dancer in each age category will be awarded an opportunity to attend an in-house dance convention hosted by DJ Guthrie & Lux Dance Events that can be hosted at your studio.


Up to two dancers personally selected by Streetz faculty member, Seth Robinson, to receive a full scholarship to any Ballet Matters or Tribe Dance Event.


This scholarship awards one dancer with a free professional consultation with Clear Talent Agency, Inc. for potential industry representation.


This scholarship awards one dancer with an opportunity to submit your materials directly to an agent and receive feedback via zoom consultation.


  • Streetz Stars will have a performance class and will have the opportunity to perform that routine on the main stage before competition one day during Nationals. Streetz will provide a special performance shirt that will be given out during class.

  • Parents can observe all Streetz Stars classes for free.


During the first class at Streetz National Finals in the Mini, Junior,  Teen, and Senior room, dancers have the opportunity to be chosen for Streetz Team. This class will be conducted as any other class normally would except at the end, the faculty member teaching the class will select a standout group of dancers to create a Streetz Team. Streetz Teams will have scheduled rehearsals during the week and perform their routine during the Gala. A shirt will be provided for each dancer chosen.


At Streetz National Finals, parents have several opportunities to get involved and take classes. These classes are optional but a great way to let loose and have fun both with and without kids! Class opportunities for parents are as follows:


Get Fit with Sloan - parents only


Hip Hop with Niko - parents only

Ballroom with Ezra - parents only


BYOP (Bring Your Own Parent) Hip Hop with Justin - parents and kids. Click play on the video below to watch a class recap!



We want to see if you got it from your mama! The Parent Battle is HERE! 

Open to all parents or guardians of Streetz Nationals attendees, this competition will consist of 2 rounds of freestyle. The first round will be a group round with finalists selected by our judges. The second round will be a solo round with the winner will be chosen by the audience. 



Teachers will have opportunities all week to participate in classes during the convention days. These classes will give teachers a chance to be in a more personal setting to learn from each Streetz faculty member.


All registered teachers (white wristband) and studio owners are welcome to join Streetz Faculty for a farewell luncheon. Come enjoy lunch and chat with our Director, Ty Riley and our entire faculty and staff as we wrap up the incredible week!

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