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At Streetz Nationals, there's opportunity for dancers and studios to walk away with cash awards. Read below to learn more about all of the Nationals awards that receive cash prizes. 


Dancers competing solos in the National Finals Competition that receive 1st overall in their age division, will be crowned National Champion and receive a cash prize of $250. Please note that this does not apply Dancer of the Year solos. This award will be announced during the awards ceremony that directly follows the dancers competition set.


Directly following the Streetz Showdown Competition, judges will select a Streetz Showdown Champion in each age category; Streetz Star, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior. Not only will each Showdown Champion get to perform their winning routine in the Gala, but they will receive a Showdown Champion banner, national recognition in our advertising, and a cash prize of $1,000. Click HERE to learn more about the Showdown Competition.


Similarly to our regional competition award, Best of *City*, the winning routine will be the highest scoring group routine from the entire National Finals Group Competition across all age divisions. The routine that wins Performance of the Year will receive a cash prize of $1,000. This award will be announced during the Gala.


Studio of the Year is a brand new award given at the 2024 Streetz National Finals! The winning studio will receive a grand cash prize of $5,000. Studio of the Year cash prize cannot be stacked with other cash prizes. The studio that wins this award will automatically forfeit any other cash prizes won from other award titles. For example, if Studio 123 wins Studio of the Year and a Showdown Champion, they will keep all titles, physical awards, and recognition of both Studio of the Year and Showdown Champion but they will only go home with the cash prize of $5,000 and will forfeit the $1,000 prize that is won with Showdown Champion. This award will be announced during the Gala. Click HERE to read about the qualifications, parameters to meet, and information for Studio of the Year. 


Studio awards include Top Choreography Studio, Top Performance Studio, and Top Technical Studio. One studio will be selected for each of the three studio awards and the same studio cannot receive more than one of these awards. The cash prize for all three of these awards is $1,000. Top Choreography Studio, Top Performance Studio, and Top Technical Studio will all be announced during the Gala.


The most prestigious title awarded at Streetz Nationals is Dancer of the Year. 8 dancers will be selected for this title. 2 Minis, 2 Junior, 2 Teens, and 2 Seniors. Along with a lifetime scholarship to Streetz, each dancer will win a cash prize of $1,000. The 2024-2025 Dancers of the Year will be announced during the Gala. Click HERE to read about the requirements, process of selection, and all other information for Dancer of the Year competition.

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